Young & Kot Engineering Research

Dr John Kot
Research Director

Dr John Kot joined the CSIRO Radiophysics Laboratory in 1988, working on a range of projects including methods in computational electromagnetism, wireless networks, radio astronomy, satellite communications, electronic warfare, and passive millimetre wave imaging. He also supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students, and served on scientific committees such as the Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Radio Science. In 2006 he became Science Leader for Antennas and Propagation at CSIRO. He left CSIRO in 2008 to join BAE Systems as a Senior Specialist working on satellite communications, mainly the development of antennas, filters, and feed system components, but also covering RADHAZ analysis, satellite link budgets, and RF impairments in satellite ground stations. After working at BAE Systems for over seven years, he left in 2015 to found Lyrebird Antenna Research Pty Ltd with Christophe Granet and Ian Davis. John is now a partner in a new startup company, Young & Kot Engineering Research. He has published over 100 scientific papers and authored two book chapters. John is a Senior Member of the IEEE.